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Do you feel exhausted? Sluggish? Foggy?

You may be Suffering Needlessly from Heavy Metal Poisoning

The FACT is, Even Today in 2023, Heavy Metals are a Threat to our Health. Our bodies may be fighting heavy metal poisoning daily 

Zeolite Can Help

Example Lead Poisoning

  • The Lie: Many falsely believe Lead Exposure was only an issue "back in the day" with lead paint.
  • ​The Truth: We're all at risk and many are Suffering. Lead Poisoning is in our modern Food Supply, Water, and even Gasoline Exhaust.
  • The ​Science: According to aPubMed.
     Study released by the FDA, Lead levels are 3-4x maximum daily intake (MDI) in food "from grains, fruit, dairy, and mixtures (e.g. hamburgers, pizza, lasagna, soups)." Via the CDC and This Risk Assessment study and 
  • Zeolite Can Help: "In lead poisoned mice, the modified ZC reduced the accumulation of lead in the intestine by more than 70% with a protective effect on the brain tissue" (NIH Study)

Heavy Metal Dangers in 2023

Heavy Metals are in our FOOD, WATER & SOIL.

CITYCARE (Image Source)

CITYCARE Chelation (Image Source)




Memory Loss

Muscle Weakness



Developmental Delay

Joint Pain

Mood Swings


Slowed Growth


  • "Lead and mercury considered as one of the main causes of autism." & "The association between aluminum adjuvants in the vaccines and AUTISM spectrum disorder is suggested by multiple lines of evidence." Autism: 
  • Depression: "higher blood lead was associated with increased odds of major depression and panic disorder."
  • Alzheimer's: "lead, cadmium, and manganese are well documented neurotoxicants that contribute to canonical Alzheimer's disease pathologies."

*This is general information and not a diagnosis. Speak with your healthcare professional. SOURCES: Chart- U.S. EPA, Mayo Clinic,. Autism- 1. NIH, 2. PubMed, Depression- NIH, Alzheimer's- NIH, PubMed

The Answer

The Answer to heavy metal chelation is in the Research! Activated Zeolite Clinoptilolite
 was dubbed "The Magic Stone" by researchers because of its Numerous Benefits!

Detox Lead & Heavy Metals

Immune Boost

Bone Growth

Chelate Ammonia

Heal Injuries

Cancer/Tumor Adjuvant 

Balance PH

Tissue Oxygenation

Better Complexion

(Activated: To be useful for Detoxing, it must be Micronized with a mechanical ceramic process & Activated at high temperature.)

So Many Benefits!!!

Check out these Quotes from the literature:

• Sustain the immune system
• Balance the body pH
Reduce the free radicals
Neutralize and/or eliminate noxious substances (toxins, heavy metals, ammonium, nitrosamines)
• Improve the tissues oxygenation
• Stimulate the skin regeneration of wounds, wheals, skin reddening, acne and psoriasis
Improve the general health condition
Coadjutant in different pathologies, such as in cancer Reduce collateral effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy Anti-hemorrhage
• Zeolite A may be effective in the treatment of osteoporosis thanks to the stimulation of bones growth, induced by the increase of silicon bioaivalability

- Zeolite: “The Magic Stone” - Carmen Laurino and Beniamino Palmieri, NIH

Zeolite can Bind to All of these Heavy Metal Toxins 
Promoting a Safe & Effective full body Detox.

Why Zeolite?

Zeolite Clinoptilolite (Image Source)

Zeolite Clinoptilolite (Image Source)

The absolute BEST DETOX for Your Body.

  • Natural Mineral: Zeolite Clinoptilolite is a naturally occurring mineral. 
  • Magnet for Toxins: It is has negatively charged nano-pores! It uses an ionic bond to attract & Detox cations: heavy metals, ammonia and other toxins.
  • ​Promising Research: Ex. Alzheimer's - "Tribomechanically-micronized zeolite increased SOD activity in a transgenic mouse model of the Alzheimer disease in the hippocampus and cortex, while it concomitantly reducedAβ(x-42) amyloid beta levels in the hippocampus" (ResearchGate study)
  • Natural Mineral: Zeolite Clinoptilolite is a naturally occurring crystal, with a tetrahedral microporus structure. It cannot be patented.
  • Magnet for Toxins: It is has negatively charged nano-pores! It uses an ionic bond to attract & Detox cations: heavy metals, ammonia and other toxins.
  • ​Promising Research: Ex. Alzheimer's - "Tribomechanically-micronized zeolite increased SOD activity in a transgenic mouse model of the Alzheimer disease in the hippocampus and cortex, while it concomitantly reducedAβ(x-42) amyloid beta levels in the hippocampus" (ResearchGate study)

Is it Safe?

Short answer - Yes!

Backed by Science

  • Safe: Decades of Research reinforce that when taken orally, it safely passes through the body chelating heavy metals, so they can be excreted.
  • Effective: The powdered zeolite preparation is an effective oral chelation agent for detoxification of several toxic metals.
  • Solution: The road to recovery can begin with Detoxing. Zeolite Clinoptilolite has decades of research showing effectiveness in chelating many heavy metals, especially lead. See This Study. Detox: Lead, Aluminum, Mercury, Thallium, Cadmium, Arsenic, and more!

"Biologically neutral and non-toxic... expert opinion on the safety of natural zeolite clinoptilolite... Oral consumption of this type of zeolite, due to its extreme chemical stability, in EFSA’s opinion, does not represent a potential risk"

"[Even when] recalculated for human use, they were 10 and 25 times higher than envisaged potential human exposure dosages... Again, no toxicity was observed."

Critical Review on Zeolite Clinoptilolite Safety and Medical Applications in vivo | NIH National Library of Medicine

"At present, many positive effects are recognized due to the capacity of natural occurring zeolite clinoptilolite (ZC) to adsorb and therefore remove harmful substances like heavy metals, ammonia, or other small molecules... positive impact can improve through modifications of ZC due to micronization"

- Zeolite Clinoptilolite: Therapeutic Virtues of an Ancient Mineral | NIH National Library of Medicine

"The obtained results showed the superiority of the powdered zeolite preparation, even at the lowest dose, in comparison to the other preparations [zeolite drops and sprays] taken at their higher doses... to be an effective oral chelation agent for detoxification of several toxic metals."

- Zeolite: Investigation of the Effectiveness and Safety as an Oral Chelating Agent for Heavy Metals. A comparison between different commercially available preparations

Zeolite detox works MIRACLES... with your optimized immune system!

Without having to mix any other remedies

  • Feel Incredible: When you detox the problem, you can look forward to relief! I'll bet you didn't know that all these symptoms are linked to heavy Metal poisoning: infertility, learning disabilities, irritability, hyperactivity, headaches, fogginess, memory loss, difficulty sleeping, kidney damage, fatigue, depression, impaired senses, and more!
  • Improve Leakey Gut and IBS: Over and over in the research, Zeolite has proven to be amazing for firming stool, improving gut flora, and even improving leaky gut!
  • Reduce "Die-off" Symptoms: Many people experience "Die-off" symptoms when parasite detoxing, which are growing in popularity. Parasites are known for releasing ammonia and heavy metals. Both, zeolite has been shown to absorb and chelate!

Be the Hero!
Just Imagine what this Gift can do
for You & Your Family

Cleanse Your Body

Nature's Way with natural volcanic stone!  



Cleanse Your Body

Nature's Way with natural volcanic stone!  





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the real deal


the real deal

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Zeolite Clinoptilolite

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ARTsy Lady🎨  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Started mine this week..and I couldn't believe the energy I had in my 3,4,5th day. Unreal.


Is the Powder better than the Drops & Sprays?

Yes! Zeolite Clinoptilolite is abundant, naturally sourced, and cannot be patented, so many companies rely on intense marketing campaigns to stand out. They want to convince you not to use any other brand, so they can charge exorbitant prices. They'll add fulvic acid and other non-essential minerals, but the zeolite remains unchanged. The zeolite in their bottles is the same zeolite in the powder, you just get much, much less. In some cases 100x less, because there is no such thing as "liquid" zeolite, just micronized and activated powder in a distilled water suspension. They give you a pinch. We give you a pound.

What is the difference between the Less-Than 2µm & Less-Than 20µm?

For zeolite to be useful in vivo (in the body), it must be micronized to a very fine particle size. This is a careful process usually done with non-metal blades or ceramic balls in a milling circulation chamber. It is called Tribo-Mechanically Activated zeolite. The 2µm and 20µm represent average particle sizes (once the crystal is powdered). The 2µm is micronized 3x more than the 20µm.
• The 2µm: 3x Micronized. A little better detox. More will be absorbed into the bloodstream for a deeper detox.
• The 20µm: 1x Micronized. More for the gut, micro biome and gut-brain axis. Some of the smaller particles will still be absorbed into the bloodstream. Excellent for parasite "Die-Off" symptoms during a parasite cleanse. 

Is Heiltropfen zeolite powder Nano sized?

This is a major question I get all the time. It goes right back to great marketing by some mlm (multi-level marketing) companies. So, let's break it down and try to dispel confusion.

Nano can be used as an actual measurement and a general reference to size. A nano meter is 1/1,000 the size of a micron or micro meter. It takes 1,000 microns to make one millimeter- this is a microscopic scale.

Most companies that clam to have nano zeolite, actually incorporate micronized zeolite, which is fine. That's what works anyway... Now, some technically do have nano particles like PBX Spray, but again their PB Spray utilizes micronized particles. The Heiltropfen Less-than 2µm actually has a particles range from 0.3-2µm. The 0.3µm is 300nm, so yes, it is "Nano Sized."

For reference:
• A human red blood cell - 7µm 
• Bacterium - 1-3µm
• Dust Mite 100-300µm

All that technical jargon aside, the vast majority of studies over the last 40 years utilize micronized zeolite. Absolutely TINY particles. The science says micronized is the way to go to gain the benefits, so don't worry too much about the nano marketing. 

Will Zeolite rob my body of essential minerals?

No, it only targets toxins. "The results published thus far show that clinoptilolite does not affect the homeostasis of trace elements and micronutrients, but acts rather selectively on heavy-metals and toxicants." -NIH, PubMed, Critical Review on Zeolite Clinoptilolite Safety and Medical Applications in vivo

Is it okay to use for children?

Generally speaking, yes. Children should be able to communicate any symptoms. For that reason it is best to wait until they are at least 3+ years of age. 

The main concern is constipation and under dosing. This can be easily remedied by drinking enough water. I've also used natural remedies like castor oil. If a child is having detox symptoms contact your doctor. You may need to up the dose* to "scoop up" and excrete the excess toxins/ heavy metals during a detox. 

Is zeolite already contaminated with heavy metals?

When most people learn about zeolite, they'll do a Google search and quickly see Al (aluminum) in the chemical composition. This is not a mistake or "contamination."

Elements and compounds have different properties. Like, table salt is Sodium Chloride (NaCl) . Together, the two elements make a stable ionic compound... verses chloride in chlorine gas, for example- is extremely toxic. It all depends on the molecular structure...

"Zeolite Clinoptilolite possesses a crystalline structure based on two thetraedrons of SiO4 ed AlO4 linked by oxygen bonds. Canals and free spaces of its framework hold cations and relatively big molecules." (source) It is an extremely stable and strong "aluminosilicate mineral with rigid anionic frameworks." (source)  Our body cannot break it down. Our stomach acids cannot break it down. A strong compound. It is not metabolized. It simply passes through the body picking up contaminates, toxins, and heavy metals as it goes. The zeolite and toxins are then safely excreted through urine and stool.

Science is cool!

What is the best dose and for how long?

Zeolite Clinoptilolite is highly stable and non-toxic. That makes it great to use over longer periods. Many studies use these exact dosages for adults:
• 1tbs/ a day, for one month
Personally, I would start off with a little lighter dose of 1tsp/ day for adults for at least a month, and up to three months. After you do a detox period consistently, it's best to supplement with trace minerals and vitamins: potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, boron, and zinc. You can always to the detox again. For teens, I would half the dose. And, for kids I would do 1/4 the dose based on the research I've read. 
Adults: 1tsp a day, for 1-3 months
Teens: 1/2tsp a day, for 1-3 months
Kids (3+): 1/4tsp a day, for 1-3 months
If detox symptoms are experienced, increase the dose* to capture the toxins.

Can I mix it with juice?

Zeolite Clinoptilolite will start working the moment it comes in contact with free floating metals. Most juice is enriched with iron and other minerals. You can mix it with juice for flavor, but be aware that some small percentage of the powder will be neutralized by the minerals in the juice. Thankfully, yes, you can use juice. There's plenty of powder, so most of the dose will still do the intended detox. It will just be a little less effective per dose.

The good news is, pure sugar or xylitol will have no effect on the zeolite and can be added for improved flavor. Otherwise, I still recommend using distilled water- just enough to get it down. 

Is it safe while Pregnant or Nursing?

*Generally speaking, no. Even though there have been positive animal studies showing higher birth rates, higher nutritional value in milk production, along with no adverse effects to mineral absorption, there are just not enough human studies to definitively say. 

Note: One concern, is in rare cases heavy metal leakage can occur during the detox process. This is in severe heavy metal poisoning cases. This can induce what is called Fume Fever, when a rush of heavy metals enter the circulatory system. It's important to understand these toxins are already in your body, but if not enough zeolite is taken, some toxins can get loose in the bloodstream. This can cause a natural reaction that resembles the flu. The general wisdom and consensus says take more zeolite to "sweep up" excess toxins. 

Here are some studies for reference:

1.Effect of in-feed inclusion of a natural zeolite (clinoptilolite) on certain vitamin, macro and trace element concentrations in the blood, liver and kidney tissues of sows
“Neither Clinoptilolite (CLI) nor CTC supplementation of the diets had any significant effect on vitamins’ and minerals’ uptake and their distribution in the body, since there was no alteration in their blood serum and liver/kidney concentrations."

2. In-field evaluation of clinoptilolite feeding efficacy on the reduction of milk aflatoxin M1 concentration in dairy cattle
“Conclusions: Dietary administration of clinoptilolite, especially of smallest particle size, at the rate of 200 g per cow per day can effectively reduce milk AFM1 concentration in dairy cattle and can be used as a preventive measure for the amelioration of the risks associated with the presence of aflatoxins in the milk of dairy cows….” 

3. A field study on the effect of in-feed inclusion of a natural zeolite (clinoptilolite) on health status and performance of sows/gilts and their litters.
“No adverse or side effects attributed to Clinoptilolite (NZ) were noticed. Furthermore, the combined use of NZ and CTC revealed no clinically apparent interactive effect on the availability of the latter. Reproductive performance was significantly improved by the dietary inclusion of both NZ and CTC."

*Understand, this is general information and not medical advice. Consult your pediatrician, doctor or healthcare professional before beginning any supplementation with zeolite.

You're going to love Heiltropfen Zeolite

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